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2008 Return/Guardians
2009 Stand Ready
2010 Trinity
2011 HeartBeat
2012 Battle Cry
2013 Honor Bound


Casey Fire Casey Bradley is a practicing visual artist and craftsman, teacher and mentor, as well as an amateur musician and musical instrument maker. In numerous practical, philosophical and spiritual ways, his interests are deeply rooted in fire. He began tending festival fires at Wisteria Nature Preserve in southeast Ohio in 2004, while developing the clay building workshop and pit firing that is central to the annual Autumn Fires Harvest Festival. Bradley also coordinates the tending of fires in the Paw Paw Patch fire and drum circle during Wisteria’s Summer Solstice event.

casey fire 2The fire circle is a melting pot of spirits and the stage for the performing of passions. In the midst of the cauldron-like vessel of the circle, the fire tender stirs up the elemental energy and maintains the light. We orbit that microcosmic sun in adoration of its beauty, with the light and heat of the vibrant flames becoming the catalyst rousing the divine spirit within all of us to reveal itself. The fire is a place of convergence and communion for those walking the varied paths of the Great Spirit. Together, we create a village and gather to sing our unique heart song nightly.

Rules around the fire:

  1. If you would like to make an offering please approach one of our fire keepers before approaching the inner ring of the fire.
  2. Trash and cigarette butts are expressly forbidden and disrespectful to the fire. If caught throwing trash into the fire, you may be asked to leave the festival. The staff provides ample blue cigarette butt containers around the camp and trash cans. Please use them.
  3. Be respectful of the Fire, the fire keepers/tenders and each other.
  4. Listen and be joyful.

the fire